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बाल विवाह रोकने माँ से मनुहार

माँ......तुम् मुझे मत ब्याहना १८ बरस के पहले इनकी भी अनकही बात सुनो माँ Ninety-years-old Jagran Devi of Tilhari headquarters wears an elated look. She proudly flaunts the red-yellow 'Raksha Sutra' that her granddaughter, 18-years-old Kalpana has just tied on her wrist. "I will take off this thread only at the time of doing her Kanyadaan.", she says with tears in her eyes. Ask her about the auspicious nature of Akshaya Tritiya and she replies : " Marriages are made in the heaven. All days area auspicious. We have to make our marriage work." "I was married at 11 years of age. I am an "Angotha Chhap" (illiterate), she says adding, "Look, how my thumb has decayed over the years. I don't want my grand-daughter to meet the same fate." More than 50 women with their daughters had assembled at the Aanganbadi centre of Tilahari village their young daughters into an untimely marriage. Girls of all age groups, mostly between nine and six