become a challenge for science - Dada Guruji

*Let us now know how science is being challenged by a young yogi of India...*
Can anyone travel 1,312 km (815 miles) kilometers by staying completely healthy with the help of only water?
*"Yogi is measuring the distance continuously. In his daily journey, he neither wears slippers on his feet, whereas in June 2024 the mercury was more than 40°C. For 42 months, this yogi has neither taken any solid food nor any kind of life saving solution or liquid diet..!"*
This event is happening for the first time in the world for 42 months continuously. At the center of this is Dada Guruji, the center point of Narmada Seva Mission. We will discuss later where Dada Guruji gets energy from, first let us know what the doctors say.
Dr. Navneet Saxena of Medical College Jabalpur told that before this a person from Switzerland lived on liquid diet for 365 days. But Dada Guruji only takes 100 ml of water. He travels 30 kms a day.
It is important to tell you here that the Madhya Pradesh government has collected the data after physically examining Dada Guruji for 7 days during his stay at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur.
In some of our previous podcasts, we had told you that - *"We receive energy from the universe!"*
In order to receive energy from the universe, the yogis of India have made the body a receiver.
Generally, we receive energy from natural sources through solid and liquid diets, which contain water and nutrients, to keep the body alive and for its growth. For Vitamin D, we have to depend on the sun. That is why it is a subject of research that - "How can one receive energy from 100 grams of water?"
Dada Guruji says that he receives life-useful energy from nature.
The supply of nutrients necessary for life is cosmic, this theory was confirmed by the yogis of India thousands of years ago.
In this video, you will be watching Dada Guru Ji's amazing display of love for nature. Listeners, believe me, when the data collected for seven days for research on Dada Guru Ji will be analyzed, science will become silent. Perhaps it will not even be able to give a clear conclusion.

But our conclusion is that *cosmic energy has an important contribution in the growth of life and the functioning of life*

The availability of elements necessary for life can be due to matter on earth, that is, matter only collects some of those nutrients which we make available to our body through our metabolic system. This is the entire mechanism of our body.
If science says that - "Dada Guru Ji's life is a miracle, the whole world will have no basis left to deny the existence of the Supreme Power.
It is clear from this that - lies on the supreme power."


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