Brain & Universe

Namaskar Jai Hind Jai Bharat,
Today I am present with a podcast.
   The universe is the most reliable source of energy.The entire energy available on earth is just a part of the energy of the universe.
Everyone knows that even the smallest particle of energy has energy.This is not a complicated science, rather understand it as "energy never ends".
   We cannot survive for a moment without energy, neither in inner nor outer environment.
  You must be wondering where does this energy come from?
The energy we get only from the universe, we have to use our brain  to receive it. If you think Brian is the only source of energy intake, you are not wrong.How do we get the energy scattered in the universe? Who else can determine this except the brain?
This question must have arisen in your mind - how do we absorb energy?
Our body is a super receiver.
Our body is also an instrument that can receive information, messages and energies in many ways.
 We can see many facts in this context. 
 A friend of mine asked me - "How would our sages get the knowledge of astronomy without instruments?
  How did he get the knowledge of planets, constellations, nebula etc.
"I told them that by what process and technology they acquired this knowledge, neither I know nor understand.But I can definitely say that he felt the effect of energy and understood the position of the constellations.
Energy flows through every body in the universe.Just like when you dial a telephone number, the digital energy on another person's telephone gets converted into mechanical energy.
  The meaning of my statement is that energy flows from every planet or constellation, if you have the ability to receive it, then you will also be able to understand it.
  In fact the most important and useful organ for our body is the brain.The brain is the receiver, the brain is the coordinator, and if viewed seriously, the brain is also the main manager and administrator of our body.
The brain is activated while sleeping and going. The brain never sleeps. Even if the body is in such a deep sleep or even if it is unconscious.
The brain, as a receiver, guesses the source of the arrival of information and can analyze it to make an accurate estimate of the distance to that object.
Our sages received information in this way and had assessed their condition.The calculation of time, the motion of the earth, and the position of the Sun Moon Earth or Sun Earth Moon, when the position of the eclipse is formed in a line, is also accurately told in Indian astrology.
  To do such calculations, some software has not been developed in the West. NASA has also made such software, but such software was already present in the mind of the sages of India.In other words,  brain has been working like a super computer.
   Like sages  do we also get such messages?
  Yes, we keep getting such messages continuously. But the receiving capacity of our brain is very weak. For this reason we are neither able to store nor analyze messages.
Our brain is recognized as conscious and subconscious brain.The conscious state is the state of our physical awakening. The brain then works. And our subconscious mind is active even when we are in a dormant state
  Imagine that you want to do some work and it cannot be done by you, you think for that work.This thoughtfulness of yours comes to you in the dream by performing that task. To get such experiences, you should take the help of meditation yoga.The mind should not be distracted because thousands of thoughts come to the brain simultaneously or one after the other. Now in this sequence of thoughts, we have to decide which thought we have to stop and keep it in our mind.
Right now we keep those thoughts in our mind which are of immediate use to us.
   when we meet such a person in our dreams or if we remember something about him in the waking state, then we become eager to meet him. This is what our sages used to do.The sages would visualize the position of the planets and constellations in their mind and collect and assess the messages coming from them in the conscious or subconscious state and ascertain their position.
  You must be thinking - how is this possible?
  I will not comment on whether it is possible or not. But later investigations show that in fact there is no change in the position of the planets and constellations as fixed by our sages.Have you ever noticed a difference in the position and timings of a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse for a moment?
  The position of the planets was determined accurately and by the sages.
  The only meaning of all the points as above is that - we expand the capacity of our brain and receive the cosmic energy and information that is received.
Are you wondering what does this have to do with quantum activity?
  Friends, we receive the arrival of energy and messages from the universe in wave and matter form.That is quantum physics.We have historical evidence. On the basis of these evidences in the context of astronomy, we can store energy and information in our brain. I told you that our brain is the receiver.We have brain analyzer also we can analyze the data received. Such analysis as our sages did.And on the basis of this analysis we can give our opinion.
We use our intelligence while evaluating situations and determine our programs.
*Importance of quantum activities in life*
We know that the universe is a renewable source of energy. The energy released from it is in constant motion.We must first make our brain receivable in order to store the cosmic.Then that energy and the information contained in it should be processed and used.This is what all our sages used to do. Today's scholars do the same thing.Due to this, our intelligence capacity increases wonderfully.This is a very necessary process for the development of mankind.In Indian philosophy it is called Yoga.
  All the information we receive is already available in the message universe. By using the receiver of our brain to receive them, we can easily become Scientist, musicians and writers, We can create such creations which no one has imagined.There is a lot of energy in the universe, we just have to prepare our receivers.

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