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Life without limb-its: The astonishing story of the man born without arms or legs... who plays golf, surfs, and swims

Enlarge   मिसफ़िट के पिछले अंक मे आपने देखा निक के साहसी कारनामों को  Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs - but he doesn't let the details stop him. The brave 26-year-old - who is mainly torso - plays football and golf, swims, and surfs, despite having no limbs. Nick has a small foot on his left hip which helps him balance and enables him to kick. He uses his one foot to type, write with a pen and pick things up between his toes. Dive right in: Nick Vujicic, born without legs or arms, plunges into a pool for a swim Enlarge   Bethany Hamilton teaches Nick how to surf in Hawaii in 2008. Bethany got her arm bitten off by a shark when she was a teenager - and was back on a surfboard within three weeks. 'I call it my chicken drumstick,' joked Nick, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, but now lives in Los Angeles. 'I'd be lost without it. 'When I get in the water I float because 80 per cent of my body is lungs and my drumstick acts as a prop