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Ten Kings By Ashok Banker

Under the aegis of Club Literati and Arera Club  ‘Author Speaks’ session was organized in association with Amaryllis, an imprint of Manjul Publishing House. India’s epic storyteller Ashok Banker talked about his latest book TEN KINGS and read interesting portions from it. Ashok Banker is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author of 42 books which have sold more than 20 lakh copies in 16 languages across 58 countries.  New York Times describes his work as “being better written than many books in the genre..”. His historical mega serial ‘Chakravartin Ashok Samrat’  is being aired on Colors channel  from 5 th January 2015. TEN KINGS set in 3400 BCE, is the riveting story of a legendary battle between King Sudas and the combined invading force of ten kings from neighboring regions. The battle decided the future course of the region’s history and laid the foundation of bharatvarsha. In this interactive session moderated by Kaneez Razavi , senior editor with Amaryllis the aud