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Spin-Orbitonics : Dr. Pramey Upadhyay

A proud feeling one hour talk on" Spin-Orbitonics " ( an emerging & frontier technology of electronics and computer ) delivered by Dr Pramey Upadhyaya at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA, on 6 July  2017 .                          Jabalpur based Dr. Pramey Upadhyay was a student of Christ Church higher secondary school and his father Dr. S.D Upadhyay is a professor in JNKVV jabalpur and his mother is also highly educated woman . Education University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles PhD, Department Electrical Engineering 2011-2015 Thesis: Spin-orbitronics: Electrical control of magnets via spin-orbit interaction University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles Master of Science, Department Electrical Engineering 2009–2011 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Bachelor of Technology, Department Electrical Engineering 2005–2009 Research Interests Topological phenomenon: topological phases, skyrmion and domain wall dynamics { Spin superfl