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Sudha Chandran लेबल वाली पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

Sudha Chandran: Icon of Extra Ability

Sudha Chandran  was born in Mumbai on 21 September 1963. Sudha Chandran is an  accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and Indian film and television actress, who lost a leg to gangrene following a road accident  while coming back from Madras with her parents in June 1981 near Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. Her decision to dance again after a gap of two years was met by thunderous applause. She  received invitations from all over the world for performances . She was honored with various awards. She performed as far away from home as Europe, Canada and the Middle East. Soon after, she catapulted to fame and recognition by venturing into the world of films and television. She gained fame after the tragic incident. Now she has become an inspiration to many. About her life, Shudha said recently: I began learning how to dance when I was 3 and a half years old. I was go to school then go for my dance and be back home only by 9:30 pm...and that's what my early life was about. In my 10th ex