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Addiction of MOBILE : Miss Pragati Pandey

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The term MOBILE means Mode of Being Isolated Lonely but Entertained.
Its overuse was spreading like a disease all over the world. Mobile was invented to make life more easier,with the help of this we get conected with our family,friends and all our neighbourhood from different parts of the world.
 This was the easiest and faster mode of communication.  The number of people that have cell phones is rapidly growing. So is the number of people that are becoming addicted to their phones. These phones are made to make life easier. Today there are some people that have a life because they do not know when to turn them off.
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Unfortunately,cellphone addiction may become more wideslread as greater numbers of children's are using cell phones. There are questions as to whether cell phone addictions are actual addictions, such as an addiction to drugs would be. There are some similarities.    People who are addicted to cell phones they are using it to make them feel better. Childrens who are below 15years they have bundles of knowledge about mobile phones and they sometimes misusing it. Cell phones do make life easier, but you should not lose sight of the fact that there is a life without them. There is a some evidence that claim the excessive mobile phone use can cause or worsen health problems. Cancer, specifically brain cancer, and its correlation with phone use, is an ongoing investigation. BeacAuse of radio frequency of the mobiles will affect the health of people.
Thanks :- Tipul acesta
Mostly the studies of students get affected due to mobile phones because they are keeping their studies aside because of their entertainment. So, it is requested to all the cell phones addicted that it was invented to make your life easier and we should not play with it because it will affect you socially as well as mentally.

Use it when necessary and make atmosphere free from radio frequency so that you get a healthy environment and you will make your family feel happy by spending time with them not with mobiles.

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